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  • Aircraft chartering : ADSOFTWARE handles the first aircraft fitted with the Electric Green Taxiing System
    ADSOFTWARE and REGIO LEASE are proud contributors to the “Electric Green Taxiing System” (EGTS) display, the most ground breaking presentation of the recent 50th International Paris Air Show. Le Bourget Air Show 2013 was dominated by yet more airliner orders, plus breakthroughs in new aircraft coming to market, significant deliveries, a
  • Aircraft chartering : ADSoftware celebrates 15 years of success
    ADSOFTWARE, the French leading international aviation software firm, announces that they have recently celebrated their 15th anniversary of operations. This milestone has been made possible by continuing to provide quality state-of-the-art software solutions and services within the aviation industry. Holding patents on specialized solutions like A
  • Aircraft chartering : New website and office for the aircraft chartering Kevelair
    Kevelair , the french broker dedicated to aircraft chartering is launching a new version of its website with more informations about charters, aviation business and destinations . more informations on From the other side , to face its expansion, the company opened on the begining of september a new office in Germany ( Munich) t
  • Aircraft chartering : Based in Paris, Aircraft Management and Consulting is certified for EASA e-examinations
    Aircraft Management and Consulting, a supplier of software and consultancy to aeronautical operators since 2001, has been confirmed as EASA e-examination provider by the European Aviation Safety Agency. Examinations will be taken under the supervision of Jean-Marc JHIGAÏ, who has proved to have strong knowledge in EU Aviation safety legislation. I
  • Aircraft chartering : BOEING 737/300 IN OUR FLEET
    Kevelair in association with Air Vallee Spa is now proposing a nice Boeing 737/300 version y 148 seats based in Milan for winter period and Rimini for next summer . Attractives rates for aircraft chartering , series of flights or simple adhoc flights ; please contact us on .